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June Pictures

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Learning to Smile

Cute I am on June 21 062104.jpg (41002 bytes)         Just being cute 061704.jpg (38033 bytes)           smile1.jpg (41454 bytes)           How to smile step 8.JPG (36193 bytes)

Step 1 - Sit calmly                      Step 2 - Watch Mommy                   Step 3 - Think of something funny                      Step 4 - Smile

    Feelin good on June 14 061404.jpg (31871 bytes)                             look I have a tongue 060904.JPG (26710 bytes)                         hi 2.jpg (40475 bytes)  

  My heart is so full                          I have a tongue!!                      Let's go Yankees


My Mommy is pretty 061804.jpg (34479 bytes)                     New Overalls 061904.jpg (37891 bytes)                     Conducting Fafa 061804.jpg (31364 bytes)

My Mommy is Pretty            My new Overalls are still big            Sing Fafa, SING!!!!


  Columbia Baby 060404.JPG (39065 bytes)                      My Fairy Godfathers.jpg (36637 bytes) 

"On, On Columbia...(snoor)."              My Fairy God Fathers

July pictures

  july1 swim suit.jpg (145006 bytes) 

This is my swimming suit

july1 bath.jpg (110830 bytes)  july1 batha.jpg (95837 bytes) 

Bath time in my monogrammed robe


We went to providence to vist Chris and Dave

 Graysen 071704.jpg (37514 bytes)                   Graysen 071804.jpg (48767 bytes)                    Hagin' with Uncle Chris 071804.jpg (125728 bytes) 

We laughed a lot...          and ate a lobster dinner....        and sat on the porch 


Happy boy on 071804.jpg (48557 bytes)   Graysen 003.jpg (109468 bytes)  Jiggle Chair 071804.jpg (33412 bytes)

Grandpa Brady sent me a jiggle chair and it makes me laugh. 


072004 Happy baby.bmp (1324854 bytes)    Happiness is 2 kinds of .....bmp (1324854 bytes)  Its not Gas 072004.bmp (1324854 bytes)   More of me 072004.bmp (1324854 bytes)   Smiley boy 072004.bmp (1324854 bytes)

July 20th is a very happy day!


        News Flash: I learned to laugh on July 21st, 2004!!!!

      Is that my Mommy 072104.bmp (1324854 bytes)                     Happy baby 072104.bmp (1324854 bytes)             Almost laughing 072104.bmp (1324854 bytes)           Big laugh 072104.bmp (1324854 bytes)                         Sparkly eyed man 072104.bmp (1324854 bytes)

  1st you find something funny...          Then you  get excited about it...      after that, take a big breath...           and laugh out loud!!!!!...         Then one reflects on how much fun one has had.


 Yellow Blanket 071604.jpg (34636 bytes)  Niffty outfit 071604.jpg (36876 bytes)

Bath time and a new outfit on 07/22/04

  I made Poopies 072304 web.bmp (291656 bytes)   Poopies 2 072304 web.bmp (291656 bytes)  Poopies 3 072304 web.bmp (291656 bytes)

Shhhhh! I made poopies today. 07/23/04


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