August/Danebod thru Xmas

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August was great!  We went to Danebod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  Grandma's Big car seat 072804.jpg (328168 bytes)    That's my Daddy's Birthday Bean.jpg (35926 bytes)    Hey thats me in the bean 072904.jpg (49652 bytes)

And Chicago!!!!!!!!!!  That's me looking at me in the Bean in Mellinum Park

Dancing in the Gyn Hall 080304.jpg (38161 bytes)       Emily Dancing in the Gyn Hall 080304.jpg (35773 bytes)      Grandma and Emily at Breakfast 080604.jpg (44757 bytes)     We had the best room at Danebod.jpg (38821 bytes)    Me and Emily in NYC Shirts.jpg (37016 bytes)

We went to Danebod with Grandma and my Cousin Emilyyyyyyyy!

Hangin at the Lake.jpg (42827 bytes)       With Emily at the Lake.jpg (43714 bytes)

Emily and I hung out at the Lake after Danebod


Mommy and me 081904.jpg (39964 bytes)             Pops and me relaxing 081804.jpg (46188 bytes)                  Laughing with Pastor Don 073004.jpg (49355 bytes)            

                                         Me and Mommy                               Me and Daddy                   Pastor Don is directly responsible for my being here! 

Uh Oh Poopies 081304.jpg (32101 bytes)

Uh oh.... got gas!


    Working out in my Gym 081904.jpg (35310 bytes)                                Yea Columbia 082004.jpg (37120 bytes)                                     Yellow Blanket 071604.jpg (34636 bytes)  

Playing with my Gym                 On, On Columbia.... Lions Roar, Roar, Roar!      Right after bath time.

My new Pal.jpg (153374 bytes)

We went to the republican convention and guess who we met?!

Rudy liked my "I love NYC" shirt


Mommy and Me sleeping.jpg (28324 bytes)                      Going for a walk in the park.jpg (36510 bytes)              Me and my Dog Tucker.jpg (24866 bytes)            Is that a camera.jpg (30157 bytes)                   

Me and Mommy Sleeping          "Goin' for a walk outside today...."            This is my Puppy Tucker            I loooooove Youuuuuuu!


My new Jogging Suit and Sneakers.jpg (35154 bytes)                                  Look how long I am.jpg (35649 bytes)                               Oh me, Oh my!.jpg (28072 bytes)

           The Hulse's sent me a Jogging suit!                                Look how Loooong I am!                                    Uh, Oh... Bye Bye August!

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September is all about havin'  fun!!!

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 Have'n fun 4.jpg (32566 bytes)               Have'n fun 2.jpg (30631 bytes)               Have'n fun 3.jpg (33825 bytes)                Have'n fun 5.jpg (35887 bytes)      

When you grow up do you ever get tired of laughing? 

   Goggy Bear 2.jpg (35323 bytes)    Ita my Goggy Bear.jpg (32365 bytes)   goggy bear 4.jpg (33985 bytes)  Goggy Bear 3.jpg (29621 bytes)  Goggy Bear 5.jpg (42969 bytes)

Before I was born, when I was still in my mommy's belly, Santa Claus brought me a Goggy Bear!  I love my Goggy Bear and go every where with him.

 Unka AJ and Me at his house.jpg (32208 bytes)                                         Unka Dave and Chris with Nico in Providence.jpg (32605 bytes)                                       Unka Jamie came to see me too.jpg (29118 bytes)  

Me and Unka AJ hangin' out              Unka Chris, Unka Dave and My pal Nico in Providence R. I.                       Unka Jamie came to visit from Kentucky


Mommy and Daddy took me to Washington D.C. last weekend (9/11/04)  and we saw the Sights...

 WW II memerial in DC.jpg (31797 bytes)                 Mr Lincoln in DC.jpg (29440 bytes)                        Jefferson Memerial in DC.jpg (37587 bytes)                                   Thats the US Capital.jpg (34836 bytes)   

...WW II Memorial...           ...Spoke with Mr Lincoln...          ... I saw where Thomas Jefferson is sleeping...                  ...That's were Uncle Jimmy works....

                    Washington Memorial in DC.jpg (30771 bytes)                                          How I spent My summer.jpg (33114 bytes)                                

..the George Washington  Bush Monument...             ...We went to a family reunion too, but I  did not recognize any body....

  Can W come out and play.jpg (32539 bytes)

.        ...(shhhhh) Its  nappy noonoo time for W.



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