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the wedding



Teds desk small web.jpg (65684 bytes) Where he is most of the time

His projects:  3D projectsmall.jpg (88156 bytes) super hero project small.jpg (66815 bytes)

Karri and Ted  met in New Orleans when Karri was on tour and have been nearly inseparable since.  He visited her on tour and they traveled to Macchu Picchu together when her Victor/Victoria tour finished.

A native of Louisville, Ted began early in "Show Business"   He had a national comedy TV show  when he was in High School for Nickelodeon.

He worked in and around the "Business" until 1999, when he decided to go back to school for his Architecture degree.  He was accepted at Columbia University to their Achitecture school 2001 and was hired to work in a division of the Univerity's invention and patent office.

He proposed on  Little Christmas Eve.  She said yes, and the wedding was August 25.Copy of Karri & Ted heads.jpg (54054 bytes)


for Information email  loripvp@gmail.com

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